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    1. Be nice!

    2. I know not many likes character limits, but start off with 3 characters, and send a pm to the admin if you really want a 4th character. REMEMBER TO KEEP ALL THE CHARACTERS ACTIVE!

    3. No god-modding or powerplaying.

    4. Use proper grammar and spelling, and write in 3rd person and past sense. Internetspeak and 1337, for an example, is only allowed in the CBox!

    5. Please fill in your application as soon you can after you log in with the character for the first time. Wait for the Admin or any of the mods to approve it before you start posting in the RP-threads.

    6. Once your application has been accepted, please log in after a week, or your character will be deleted.

    8. If you don't log in and post for once every 2 weeks, your character will get deleted. If you're going to be gone for a while, please send the Admin or any of the mods a PM!

    9. If a thread is labeled with [open], the mun is just looking for one to play with. But, if it's labeled with [anyone], everyone that wants can join the thread.

    10. To let us know you've read all the rules, put "I solemny swear I am up to no good." in small font in the beginning of your app.

    If you have any questions, send the Admin or any of the mods a pm, or just send a mail to lacedunlaced@live.se

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